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Who I Am

I'm Jocelyn AF Casassa (yes, those are my real initials, pretty rad eh?). I’ve lived on 4 continents, and I only really speak English. I have a cat whom I love that I rescued as a kitten, and live with my husband in beautiful central Massachusetts.


I’m a ballerina - in my heart, and at the studio, and teach classical ballet in the French style a few times a week at a studio in South Grafton. 

I’m a writer. I wrote all the copy on this site, as well as several other websites I’ve created. I make an effort in writing practice regularly.

I also have an aptitude for editing written content, and am taking steps to edit copy, and hopefully manuscripts, on a professional level in the future.


I’m honest and relentlessly myself, and I’ve learned how valuable those two things are, as a person being alive, and professionally. Whether its following my drive to learn, exploring unique opportunities, or taking classes in new skills (or tuning old ones), I bring my authentic self to every experience.


To learn more about me, keep exploring my site, or reach out directly.

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Jobs I've Had

Ballet Teacher       January 2015-Current

I distinctly remember watching my older cousin dance in the Nutcracker as a Snowflake, when I was 4. I genuinely don't believe I'd ever seen anything so captivating. I begged to be in a ballet class, and more 25 years later, my love for the art is as strong as it was in that first moment.

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach ballet for Patricia Brosnihan Dance Center, in South Grafton MA. Teaching your artistic passion is an incredible experience.

My focus is helping young dancers develop their own love of dance and movement, and I work hard to create an inclusive classroom, with a celebration of diverse bodies, and a focus on discipline of proper muscle development and efficient movement.

Why you care:

- I deeply understand the value and beauty of tradition, but I also know that when we implement new and valuable data, our traditions can evolve into something powerful.

- Follow-through and commitment are paramount to growth; nothing is gained without consistent effort in a determined direction.

- I'm comfortable being uncomfortable: teaching means looking at your knowledge from a different perspective, and learning to diversify the experience for different learning styles.

- I also built and still maintain the website for the studio.

*Please note: I require a modest amount of flexibility in my work schedule, to accommodate my late afternoon classes twice weekly. Your understanding is a direct support to the classical arts.

Enjoy Technology      June 2018-December 2019

Enjoy is a relatively new startup based in Silicon Valley. With over 50 markets in the USA, and several in the UK, Enjoy employs a team of Experts (my current position) to process technology products ordered through partner companies and deliver the devices right to the customer's home or office. Their largest partner in the USA is AT&T, for whom Enjoy Experts help end users by delivering the product straight to their home, typically with same or next day service, and assisting with device activation, set up, and even the ability to process certain types of account services - all without the customer ever having to set foot in a retail store.

Why you care:

- I'm really comfortable learning new technology and proprietary software, even when that means figuring it out on my own, and in the moment.

- I know that in the 21st century, retail can take many shapes, beyond online and brick-and-mortar shopping. It's been my privilege to have worked at some really innovative tech companies, and learn that no matter what your product, the experience had by customer and employee is always the biggest component to retention and enjoyment.

- I excel at multi-tasking, time management, self-driving, communication, and listening

Expert @ Apple retail       September 2010-2015

In my college years, I discovered both an interest in, and affinity for, technology. I applied for a part-time sales position at my local Apple Store. I loved the group recruiting meet, and aced the interviews. I didn't get the job. I didn't know the software suite then known as "iLife" very well (it consisted of the still-in-use iMovie and GarageBand, and the discontinued iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb, and MobileMe Gallery). My Mac was too old to install the latest version, so they thanked me, and wished me well.

I went to Best Buy and spent several hours every day playing with iLife on their display Macs, and reading and watching dozens of tutorials. And a couple weeks later I call the Apple store manager and requested another interview. I got the job.

I worked for Apple for over 5 years in the position of p/t and f/t sales, Mentor, and Expert. I had the invaluable experience of developing training material for launch of the first ever Apple Watch, and then facilitating the trainings to employees in my store and market. I led the onboard training for dozens of new employees, and was relied on by my management team to lead many daily info-sessions to the sales teams.

Why you care:

- I was consistently a top performer in our KPI's, including selling over $1mil of product annually

- Apple is known for its strong grasp of brand and culture; I actively participated in the cultivating of a feedback mindset, the steps of service used with customers and each other, and feel comfortable bringing those principles into any environment.

- I developed a highly tuned sense of customer experience; I received over 240 responses to Net Promoter Surveys, with over 96% positive ratings, and only 10 surveys total in 5.5 years from dissatisfied customers.

- I know technology well. I'm a fast learner, and will push myself to learn new things. 

Some Other Stuff I've Done:

in no particular order

Data & content management, + web development for CKTransitions

Bakery opener for Panera Bread for 1 year

Server at Applebee's


Lavender Cultivator and Sheep Wrangler at Welsh Gardens in Warrenton VA

Nanny - x2; 3 years total

the briefest stint at Starbucks

Intern to CFO of TCAssociates LLC in Tyson's Corner VA

Dog walker


Formal Schooling:

George Wythe University  2005-2009

GWU is liberal arts school based on a Great Books model of learning. I read classical literature ranging from Virgil (in Latin) to Ayn Rand (in English), and wrote my graduating thesis on the value of mythology in modern life.

I consider education a pursuit that lasts far beyond schooling.

I live my life learning by the Alice Method, i.e. following my curiosity down the rabbit hole.

What I’ve Learned

  • Education is always worth the effort

  • Reading is how a person stays sharp

  • Mental health and avoiding burn out is important

  • Setting boundaries is healthy

  • There is always another perspective

  • Coffee tastes better without sugar

  • Organizing your closets gives you a new lease on life

  • Kindness is always a good choice

  • Hard work gets nowhere without vision driving

  • Cats are a lot of work, but worth it




Hard Skills

  • Generates revenue in accordance with KPI's

  • Wix website design and maintanance

  • Knowledge of MDM

  • Can support business calendars, contacts, and data management.

  • Tech support of MacOS and iOS

  • Fast typist, excellent word-editing software use

  • Can develop and facilitate employee trainings, and consumer workshops

Soft Skills

  • Learn new software from self-directed sources

  • Time Management

  • Multi-tasking and expectation management in fast-paced environments

  • Great at written and verbal communication, including relevant feedback.

  • Great customer service/general public skills

  • Personable, Excellent Listener

  • Considers Big Picture in every Detail

  • Kind, compassionate, fair, honest, joyful 


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"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original"

Joseph Haydn




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